Our difference

We are a true multi-strategy hedge fund, and express our views across a broader range of asset classes and investment strategies. Our competitive advantage lies in the strength of the portfolio management team and their insights into fixed income, equity, commodities and foreign currency product markets.

We focus on cross asset linkages, and try to use our views in one asset class to add value in another asset class. With this knowledge, we can effectively analyse the macro-thematic themes and identify lead and lag effects across asset classes.

We are a quantitatively biased hedge fund and our investment approach is systematic. There is extensive use of both qualitative and quantitative data. Our strength lies in our ability to integrate qualitative information into quantitative concepts. This investment approach enables us to make investment decisions that are borne out by research and data, not emotion or “gut feelings”.

We are risk managers first and foremost. We believe that if we target for risk, then we should get a commensurate return. Our investment process is underpinned through the allocation of risk; our idea of risk is not informed by an asset class, but by the risk inherent in an investment strategy.