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The Independent Alternatives hedge fund academy

3 graduates to train as hedge fund professionals

The company believes that the future of the business will be determined by the caliber of people it employs and how well the employees are trained. In determining the its recruitment plans, the company has launched the Independent Alternatives Hedge Fund Academy. The programme launched in during the 1st quarter of 2017 with 2 candidates.

The candidates will undergo a 3-year program of learning where they will enroll for a CFA/CAIA qualification. They will understudy the portfolio managers over this period, to become fully fledged hedge fund professionals after 3 years.

The business will continue to look for driven, and motivated individuals who are passionate about investments. Due to the lack of transformation in the hedge fund industry, and how difficult it is for black candidates to make it into the South African hedge fund space, we will focus our attention on previously disadvantaged candidates.