The Independent Alternatives Hedge Fund Academy

Graduates to train as hedge fund professionals

The company believes that the future of the business will be determined by the calibre of people it employs and how well the employees are trained. In determining its recruitment plans, the company launched the Independent Alternatives Hedge Fund Academy. The programme launched during the 1st quarter of 2017 with two candidates.

Candidates undergo a 3-year learning program where they enrol for a CFA/CAIA/MFE charter. They understudy the portfolio managers over this period to become fully-fledged hedge fund professionals.

The business will continue looking for driven and motivated individuals passionate about investments. Due to the lack of transformation in the hedge fund industry and how difficult it is for black candidates to make it into the South African hedge fund industry, we focus our attention on previously disadvantaged candidates.

Analyst Profile: Ziyanda Zulu, BSc. Mathematical Sciences (Hons) (WITS)

I aspire to become a quantitative portfolio manager in the next five years. Women are greatly underrepresented in the Hedge Fund industry, and I aim to change that. I am grateful to Independent Alternatives for this opportunity to fulfil my ambition.”

Ziyanda graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Mathematical Sciences at Wits University in 2021.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computational and Applied Maths, Insurance and Risk Management from Wits University. Her interest lies in applying mathematical and statistical techniques in managing investments. Ziyanda is enrolled for a master’s in financial engineering at World Quant University. As an analyst and junior portfolio manager, Ziyanda fulfils a dual Investment and ESG role. She focuses on quantitative research, maintaining and enhancing research models, as well as being our ESG champion, and leading our ESG investment integration efforts. Zi is also involved in involved in trade processes, risk management and investment reporting.

Analyst Profile: Kgaugelo Mphahlele, Masters in Data Science (WITS), BSc. Hons Maths & Psychology

Kgaugelo is a data science enthusiast, having graduated with a master’s degree in Data Science from Wits University.  He also holds a BSc Honours in Mathematics and Psychology. His primary interest lies in applying advanced data science techniques to uncover market inefficiencies.

As a quantitative analyst, Kgaugelo fulfils an investment role. He focuses on quantitative investment research, including research, strategy testing, validation, implementation, and documentation. He is also tasked with maintaining and updating quantitative models, dashboards, and databases. Kgaugelo also assists with portfolio risk monitoring, booking trades and managing the trade lifecycle, including trade reconciliations.